Pimp C je mrzeo beat za Big Pimpin; nije hteo da putuje na snimanje spota

“Pimp pulls up in the Benz, with Gloria Velez, and parks near the trailers. The bodyguard’ says, ‘You can’t park here. This is Jay Z’ trailer.’ Pimp says, ‘Well that’s my trailer, right there. So I’ll tell you what. I’m fittin to park right here, and if you got a problem with it…’ Next thing him and the security guard get into it, it’s a big fucking deal, people talking about pulling guns and all this crazy shit…but five minutes later Pimp and the bodyguard are best friends. Pimp’s like, we’re fittin to get dressed and shoot with this car.’ Hype says, ‘Well, we wanted to shoot on the beach.’ Pimp says, “Nah, we fittin to shoot right here, with this car, we fittin to get dressed, we’ll be back in five minutes,” and then he comes out the trailer with a mink on and no shirt.” – Bun B #therealestshityoueverheard #truestory #funny

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